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Hows Your Health Summary

Thank you for completing the Check Up. This summarizes possible health concerns and problems in four areas. You or a health professional may wish to address them.

From reading your responses to this questionnaire, we learned that you feel your overall health to be good.

In reporting your quality of life, you indicated things have been going pretty good.

  1. HABITS: Based on your responses to the questions you have some lifestyle and behaviors that can harm you now or cause your problems in the future.

    • You may wish to quit smoking.
    • You may wish to exercise more regularly.

    Over the next two months you said that you might want to work on quitting smoking and that you are not very confident of success.

  2. RISK for EMERGENCIES or FALLS: Your risk for being admitted to the hospital or having to use the emergency room in the future seems to be much higher than most people. Your risk of falls is higher than most.

  3. CARE QUALITY AND YOUR CONFIDENCE: Your answers to the Check Up suggest that there may be opportunities to improve your healthcare and your ability to manage your health. If there are any areas of your healthcare that you feel should be improved, discuss them with your doctor or nurse during your next visit.
  4. PREVENTION: You report that these recommended preventions have been done:

    • A mammogram for breast cancer
    • A test for fat (cholesterol) in the blood
    • A test for cancer of the bowel

    Based on your age and health, recommended immunizations are: "flu", pneumonia, and zoster; you should have had DPT.

    Over the next five years, many of these recommended preventions may have to be repeated. For a list of what your recommended preventions might be in the future go to and enter your future age.

You can play an important part by having good communication with your doctors and nurses and knowing what to do about your problems and health. Please read the “chapters” below at any time by just clicking or choosing them.

Use the Problem Solving tool to deal with a problem.