1. You have TWO REGISTRY options.Within the admin options (choose this under "health professionals and enter "xxx000" and password "test") you can customize your own questions, invite patients to email you their forms from anywhere, and enter their name in a registry. OPTION ONE: If they accept the invitation, you will receive by email an Excel snippet including their name, best time to call, phone number, functional health measures, major diagnoses, smoking status, last blood sugar (if diabetic) or blood pressure (if hypertensive). Your staff can use this to build an Excel registry or import from Excel into Access or any other data base you are using.
  2. For a typical office with busy staff, Excel is available and easy. Ask the staff to open the snippet and copy it into the growing registry. At the same time, if you want other information added to the registry, you can get patient-reported information from the howsyourhealth action form or chronic form that will be appended to the email.
  3. The advantage of the approach is that a lot of the registry work is "done" for you by the patient; but the problems are that Excel does not enable an automatic import, the data imported is coded as numbers (the interpretation is included), and you may want to add additional info by hand.
  4. The best "general registry" invitation for your patients might read:" The clinical staff at ____ is interested in providing extra services to persons who are bothered by severe emotional problems, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure,or lung disease. If you have any of these problems and you are interested making sure we are aware of them,please register below."
  5. OPTION TWO: the DocSite Registry. DocSite's Patient Planner and Group Planner is an all condition patient registry that supports outcomes tracking and informed decision-making tools necessary for chronic condition and population health management. It uses a robust data warehouse capable of connecting multiple clinicians and producing unlimited queries and reports on patient conditions and measures. DocSite's clients include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi, Mayo clinic (Luther Midelfort), several IPAs, and Glaxo Smith Kline.